Catalog Search

1. To perform a search, tap on the Catalog Search in the main menu or tap on the Search tab on the very bottom of your screen. You’ll be directed to a screen with input field at the very top.

2. Tap on the field to activate it, and the virtual keyboard on your device will appear.

3. Enter author’s name or title of an item you’re looking for.

4. Once you enter few characters, you’ll will start seeing results. If you see an item that you want - just tap on it and you will be prompted to Item Details screen, where you can see various information about the item, read reviews, discover similar titles and, of course, put the item on hold (for physical items) or download it (for digital items).

For example, to search for Stephen King’s books you just need to enter “s” + “king”.

5. If you realize that you made a typo or if you want to search for a different item - just tap on the Search field at the top of your screen and update search parameters.

To return back to Home (main menu), you can use back-button (at the top left corner of the screen - on iOS devices; at the bottom left corner of the screen - on Android devices) or just hit ‘Home’ icon on the bottom of the screen.

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