This mobile app is smart tool that will help you interact with your favorite library on a completely different level - at your own pace and convenience. With this app you can:

  • search your library catalog, both physical and digital items
  • check status of your account   
  • put physical items (such as paper books, CDs and DVDs) on hold, so you can pick them up from the library later
  • discover, check out and enjoy various digitally-distributed items: ebooks, comics, audio books and videos
  • learn about upcoming events in your library
  • discover what other readers, just like you, think of particular books, audio books and movies
  • scan book barcodes to see whether your library has a title that is of your interest and, if your library does not have it, there is an ability to suggest such a purchase right from the app
  • communicate with librarians, in case you have questions
  • easily see which library branch is the closest to you and how to get there
  • see library’s work hours
  • stay up to date with your library’s news and updates on social media
  • the app gets regularly updated - make sure you have the latest version

See other sections of this help guide to learn more about how to use the app at the full potential.

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