My Account

1. Select My Account option on the main menu or tap on Account tab at the bottom of your screen.

2. Unless you’re already authorized, you’ll be prompted to Login screen. Enter required credentials* - often it is your library card number and a PIN, but some libraries ask for your name and email, too. For your convenience, the app is capable of remembering your credentials so you don’t need to re-enter it each time (make sure you have a check mark next to Remember Login).

3. When you look at the main My Account view - you will see the following items:

  • Number of checked out items
  • Number of items you’ve put on request
  • Current Balance ($0.00 indicates that you don’t owe anything to your library)

4. If you have any checked out items, you can tap on Check Outs to see the list. On this view, you have an option to renew items, if needed be.

5. If you have any items that you’ve put on hold, you can tap on Request to see the list. You can cancel particular requests if you change your mind and no longer need them.

*If you don’t have a library card yet - you will need to get it first by going to your library (some libraries allow application via the website).

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